Counselling services in Exeter - Briar Rose CounsellingBriar Rose Counselling offers you a confidential and safe place to explore feelings, behaviours, responses, emotions and be treated with respect and dignity.

Our approach is person centred, working with the client where they are now and not where we would like them to be.

We work with the inner child and address the voice of the child whatever age you are now.

We help build confidence, self esteem and resilience addressing the wider aspects of everyday life, family, school and working relationships.

We promote, protect and improve wellbeing and mental health and give you back a sense of self.

We offer support to make sense of what has happened and to empower you to take your life back. You are a survivor, now you can thrive!


Are you being hurt or threatened by a family member? Dreading the moment your partner comes home? Feeling unsafe after leaving an abusive relationship?

If you recognise that domestic abuse is happening to you, we can provide support and confidential advice on how to improve your safety and help you to recover from your abusive situation.

Inner Child Therapy

Inner Child Therapy is the practice of identifying events in someone’s childhood that may have led to them being unhappy as an adult.

Negative conditioning and childhood trauma can lead to outbursts of anger, inappropriate behaviour or low self-esteem.

Inner Child work has been shown to be a positive benefit in those who have suffered childhood trauma including childhood sexual abuse, sexual assault, physical abuse and can help you to understand your emotions, reduce nightmares, flashbacks or panic attacks and can often help in self harming and problems with eating.

If you feel that our services can help you, please get in touch.